Sunday, January 29, 2006

rowdy like a 5 year-old's birthday party

we went to one of our favorite karaoke joints tonight. the usual suspects katy, alan and i, along with friends alison and dennis settled in early at the mint.

the energy and audience was incredible. i think the climax had to have been an entire bar of various aged people swaying with their arms waving in the air and singing along with the 80 year old man on stage in a rendition of "i just called to say i love you." such camaraderie. alan got the place contemplative with his always stirring version of journey's "open arms" and katy later sang about "a preacher man's son." me: i tore it up with a little j.lo number and back up dancers. good times.

alan, my game soulmate and i are always coming up with new pursuits and ways to entertain ourselves. ever the divo, he is always game for trying out my ideas. we have decided to make a mockumentary akin to all the lovely christopher guest movies, but for the joy and entertainment of our bandy of friends. tonight it began gelling into place: the theme will be a karaoke contest where the winner will be k-j for a day. whoa. i'll let you know more about it as it continues to come together.

the subculture of karaoke is such an interesting one where you get everything from the people who are tone deaf, to those who are tone deaf and not fun, to those who can belt it out. this one girl tonight sounded like kelly clarkson from american idol. i'm guessing simon didn't let her on to the next round...

it was a great time had by all even as katy and kick-started the evening with the vocal meanderings of good ol' richie sambora and jon bon jovi. rock on.


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