Monday, December 26, 2005

back home

i took the bart from the airport tonight into downtown san francisco. after a weekend of a little so-cal flavor, i ascend upon the escalator into a warm s.f. evening in union square. throngs of people still mill around as if scouring the last dredges of sales before the first rays of sunlight remind them that work awaits. i walk down powell and the cacophony of street noise fills my ears- "spare change," cars honking, the screech of taxi cab brakes and in the distance what sounds like a high school marching band. two drummers pound on their drums with mallets as they walk down the street, the trolley captain rings the trolley bell along to the rhythm of the drums. a middle-aged man resplendent in costume and make-up dressed up to resemble an elf ties balloons into animal shapes. i walk with a piping hot slice of mushroom pizza down the street, taking it all in, reminded that you never know what you will see in this city, reminded of why this is my home. for the moment.


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