Wednesday, December 14, 2005

in the christmas spirit

tonight i began addressing all these holiday cards being sent out on behalf of my company, while burning my french lilac candle and listening to a folky CD of christmas music. a pause was followed with the familiar lyrics to "o holy night"- truly one of the most beautiful christmas songs around, right? and one line caught me:

"til He appeared and our soul felt its worth"

wow. can you imagine what that would be like? coming face to face with the designer of creation Himself, who fashioned peonies to be lusty partying gals of flowers alongside the amoeba, so simple, yet so complex.

in that moment of first entering His presence, what would it be like? i have this feeling even as i type this with my hoodie all the way zipped up, contemplating putting on a scarf, what it would be like: something to the extent of warmth showering all over me, as if i just stepped into the most complete path of sunlight but am not getting burned and even though the brightness emanating out could blind me, it feels as if i am seeing things for the first time.

i think everyone's "soul wants to feel its worth" and this is sought after in things that might fill temporarily, but not over the long haul. i know my soul personally wants to be understood and taken as is without a need for my long prefaces. and i feel this connection this christmas to a baby and a star and shepherds co-mingling with wise men, even as the musky aroma of frankincense and myrrh escape into the evening air. which really makes me want to worship in a repositioning sort of way. yeah.


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