Thursday, October 20, 2005

a well-meaning pirate

i call him today to check on his post-operative state. he tells me mine is the first call he's answered all day because he had a feeling it might be me. his voice is surprisingly chipper and upbeat. all in all he said the surgery went well, but yes, he is in pain. he then tells me he now has a green eye where his eye once was brown. over his eye is a white patch, and he tells me that he ought to take a photograph because he looks like "a well-meaning pirate." a well-meaning pirate, hmm.

i can only imagine what one would be like. i guess a well-meaning pirate would give instead of stealing and perhaps instead of saying "argh," he would say "aha." must make sense that i, a gypsy, would always be attracted to pirates, since piracy seems to run in the family. (there is a pirate in our dutch lineage who preceded my daddy-pirate).


Blogger katy said...

Love this picture of your precious priate dad! I'm glad the surgery went well!!!

10:42 PM  
Blogger Sandra said...

this pirate says "yar!"

5:32 PM  

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