Tuesday, September 27, 2005

a classic moment

it's late and i should be asleep, considering the super shuttle, also known as my alternate form of transportation will be here at 4 a.m.

yet, here i am awake with a story to tell. i left work around 7 p.m., trying to tie up loose ends since i am flying to texas tomorrow for a tradeshow. my boss and i had a moment- one of those rare moments where everything makes sense and i left aware of my need to remember her in my dialogues with my Father.

i'm at home packing, and realize i can't find my tradeshow binder or file of to-do items. i comb through my room, my car and the house. nothing. then a feeling of dreaded understanding creeps through me. i left it at work. 45 minutes away.

so, my sweet roomie lori drives me to pick up keys and out to work. i finally find it in the sample room downstairs. whew. as we're driving back to the city, i'm hoping lori has money to cross the bridge. i had $3.83. we drive up to the toll booth and the booth worker's face looks grim. yikes. so lori passes him the money and he counts it. he then tells us it's only $3.83. i tell him we had jetted out to marin for an emergency, and we weren't totally prepared... to which he responds, "well, do you have 15 more cents?" i found another nickel and my face became hopeful.

what a nice man- he let us through on $3.83 instead of the expected $5. never a dull moment.


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