Monday, September 12, 2005

can people change?

The past few days I have been contemplating the concept of change: what it is intrinsically, what brings it about. There are people for whom change is easily embraced and others for whom it is very difficult. Then you have the whole other realm that involves detox or distance from the thing needing to be changed.

So here are my questions, which I would love to hear your thoughts on:

1. Can people really change?
2. What has to happen to a person to bring about lasting change? (emotionally/physically/intellectually)
3. How can a person figure out when change is short


Blogger katy said...

Here are some thoughts:
1. "Can people really change?"
-Yes, I think they can. However, it has to come from themselves. I don't believe that I can make anyone else change - try as I might - which is frustrating sometimes. With the exception of "divine intervention"...which may or may not be construed as an outside force causing a change...I believe that change has to come from within a person, consciously or not.

2. "What has to happen to a person to bring about lasting change?"
-I think this depends on each person individually. For me, in order to really change a habit or a propensity, I have to make a conscious decision to do so. And then I have to put that decision into practice every day until I don't have to think about it everyday. For example, I made a conscious decision when I started college to be more outgoing/extroverted. It was hard, because I feel intrinsically extroverted, but I made a conscious behavior change, made myself talk to strangers, talk to my hallmates, join clubs, etc etc.
3. "How can a person figure out when change is short?"
-I don't know if I really understand this question or not. Do you mean if something is a short term change? We all go through seasonal changes (in addition to long term ones). ie, there are different stages of life. I went through a time, recently, where I was so not wanting to "be a singer"...I was tired of it all, and just needed to break - I could feel it in me. Now, I feel differently, but it is in hindsight where I recognize that season of apathy or whatever it was.

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