Friday, August 19, 2005

hum drum, glum, then poof

what a week. i haven't experienced this kind of malaise in quite some time. if i was an animal, i would be a hermit crab (though i guess technically they're not animals). after the past few days i decided i needed to pray i would get back on good footing and today, poof, back to my usual energetic self hobnobbing via email with reporters and the like. i think part of it is the end of grease fast approaches and the what's next is on my mind. it's been a bunch of fun, and i would definitely do it again if the opportunity was right. in the meantime, tomorrow night signals the first show of the last weekend, and all sorts of celebrating post-show. my friends amy and michelle are driving up right now from l.a. for the show and to celebrate our friend ricky's birthday and just hang in sf. it will be good to have them around. their laughter is contagious. i wrote a really dark poem the other night. but it came from this interesting place inside that i wouldn't have thought to tap into. i'm quite pleased with it, and am reminded (again *ahem*) that i need to get off my arse and start approaching poetry pubs. about publishing one of my poems. let the rejections begin- just not this weekend. i am on a diet of the psalms and corrie ten boom right now, which is just what i need. if you haven't looked at psalm 23 recently or ever, you should check it out- it's like balm to dry, cracked hands.


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