Friday, June 10, 2005

thanks mr. miyagi

so my blog went MIA for a few days. thanks for your comments and questions as to its disappearance, of which my favorite was "did your blog decide to go on holiday at a spa?" nice. apparently i somehow deleted most of my html code and thus the black screen. so now just boring screen with text. but i will be feverish about trying to add in some links and images and stuff sooner or later...

earlier this week i tackled painting my new room in my new house. it truly is the color of the pacific ocean from my panoramic window, in the apartment i am moving out of. but it took like 10 hours to prep and paint- who knew painting was such an involved activity? for the most part i used a roller, while listening to pete yorn, patty griffin, toad the wet sprocket and so on. but then for the panel next to the door, the roller would have been too big. so i picked up the paintbrush just looking at it and wondering the best way to paint without creating too much texture. and then i remembered, from the deep recesses of my brain in "Karate Kid" where Mr. Miyagi has Daniel-san paint the fence with methodic up and down movements. it's great that movies from the 80's can be so educational even now! (perhaps my next blog will be what i learned from "long duck dong" in "sixteen candles").

so thanks to all of you who have helped me move my things to a new place. you each made this such an easy experience so far and i am very grateful for each of you.


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