Monday, May 16, 2005

50 lb. of ground beef and art therapy: a conflict

all day friday and all day saturday i spent my time in disaster relief training sessions.

the options from which to choose were: water purification, emergency childcare, mass feeding, chainsaw, clean up and recovery, chaplaincy, and communication. the trainers' communication was less than clear because i thought that i could take a class on whatever i wanted to acquire more knowledge, but later found out that what we took as a class would be the only thing we were certified in.

this is the only way to explain my presence in the emergency childcare session. i was wooed in by the talk of discussing "art therapy" as a means for children disseminating how they feel about what has happened during a disaster. but within the four hour block of time, we spent probably only 10 minutes on it... i think kids are great in that they are just little people, but i've never been one to gravitate toward them like other women with that mothering homing device in them- kind of like a GPS system, i guess. so the rest of it was stifling and droll. i even made a comment to the instructor (for which i later apologized repeatedly and profusely) that i should have gone to the mass feeding session.

so the next morning, i petitioned my way into the mass feeding unit. it helped that i had been certified with this organization three years ago and had worked in mass feeding with this organization through the salvation army at ground zero, the december after 9/11 happened. i met this really cool girl named lacy while we both complained about hating having nothing to do. so she and i sought out all the jobs from that point forward that would be needed. and that's how we ended up cooking 50 lb. of ground beef for spaghetti sauce. later we ended up helping make a basic peach cobbler- four trays of it.

then we served food to the student body of my former grad school alma mater. and i later snuck into water purification where they had a machine that purifies 3000 gallons of water a day. the hose on this machine can be stuck into a cesspool and make it 99.9% clean... amazing what technology can do, eh?


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