Thursday, May 19, 2005

the sith within us all

so i applaud george lucas. i want to write him a thank you note after having seen "revenge of the sith" where he ties up all the loose ends and makes anakin so human, darth vader, a tortured soul that you want to pity but can't help liking because of his dislikability. we went and saw it last night at 12:20 a.m. and then i got on a plane to come out to chicago, where i am writing this through heavy eyelids.

redemption. it's such a root element found in so much more than we could ever imagine in life. anakin made choices that weren't always the right ones, even though his heart was in the right place sometimes as those decisions were being made. i have been considering throughout the whole of today his plight. looking back at episode 2, we begin to see that his desire to stop human suffering causes great pain and further suffering, even as he kills all the tuscan raiders. he couldn't stop his mother from dying and that inability to exercise a God-like function of lengthening her life frustrated him. but how is that so different from adam and eve eating from the tree of good and evil? granted eve wasn't trying to save adam from dying, but in eating fruit of the tree of good and evil, they were trying to become as gods. maybe that's why it's hard to watch anakin's demise- because it reminds me of my own path i had been heading down, years ago and reminds me that there are other paths, other choices that can be made. which brings me to my second point.

listening and wisdom. sometimes when we are at a crossroad, where the choice we make will determine which direction our life will take, it may seem like we only have one choice. but this is where it's important that you are conscientious and thoughtful about who you engage for perspective/advice. because in asking their opinion you bestow power upon that person and their words become electrified. there really is something to the phrase about bad company corrupting good character. if the voice of truth in your life is all a lie, you will not be able to perceive truth from falsehood; reality from fantasy/make-believe.

but i think all of us have some anakin in us. the parts that struggle between doing what is right and what is wrong. pride. anger. vengeance (in smaller degrees than that of killing all the tuscan raiders). and yet watching padme throughout this movie provides an interesting twist, especially going back to the last point above.

what i think triggers for so many americans a sense of ownership and enthusiasm unmatched in the US for any other movie except star wars is that this is our epic. most epics take place in the past (troy/odyssey, LOTR, ramayana, to name a few); but for us who were growing up in the 70's this is our story and it is as woven into the texture of our lives as anything tangible.

so once you've seen the movie PLEASE POST A COMMENT here and i would love to dialogue more about it. i feel like i will be processing this movie for at least a week or until i see it again (post-episode viewings of 4,5,6).


Blogger Faith said...

I saw it last night and my heart is still heavy. I knew it was going to be hard to watch. Didn't really want to see Anakin cross over and especially because his heart was in the right place. There so much of that sort of tragedy in everyday life. But, as you so rightly put it, this movie is our epic! It was introduced the same year that I was (so many of us were) and is so much a part of my childhood (our childhoods). All in all, it was good to see the old friends, even if Yoda was digital! And it felt right to have the last piece fit, even if it was heart-breatking.

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