Wednesday, May 18, 2005

concert prosthetics

did i tell you i'm developing a patent? or perhaps i should say i would like to develop one. it would be called "concert prosthetics" which i would market to short people this world over to smashing success. it would involve an attachment that would elongate the legs so that when standing in a concert crowd anybody could be six feet tall. just imagine the possibilities!

we went and saw one of my favorite bands and artists last night at slim's. i kind of hoisted myself in front of my group of friends so at my 5'2 stature, i could still see the performers through the bevy of tall people in my path. a woman with an angular purse pointed towards my chest kept dancing into me; i think there was too much beer in her system for her to register that i was there. so instead of getting mad and wanting to tell her off, i decided to envision what her life was like outside of the concert setting and settled on the fact that she is a regimented accountant who always wears buns in her hair except when she's at a cope concert, where she then can let her hair down and shake her body to the groove. of course her accountant boyfriend looked on at times, not knowing what to make of her uninhibitedness...

the opener, david ryan harris is not to be missed. he is an all-around great performer with an amazing vocal range and these cool looping capabilities where through a pedal and a few initial guitar recordings, he sounds like he is being backed up full band.

citizen cope came on next. he still looks like a cat, which at times would produce a giggle out of me. the first song was a poor choice as a starter and we thought it might be a sign of things to come, but NO, HE WAS ON FIRE! the audience swayed and bobbed their heads along with the beat. i particularly liked how he was so surprised that the audience knew the lyrics to his songs, that he raised his eyebrows, smiled and said, "i like that." later on because the audience was so loud with the lyrics for "pablo picasso" he kind of let us take it away as he stepped away from the mic, kept playing guitar and just watched us, slightly bemused and slightly grinning a beatific smile. but we were glad when he decided to keep singing the song.

his encore included four songs, one of which was marley's "is this love". he gave it a really nice cope groove.


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