Thursday, June 16, 2005

the timing of things

isn't the world wacky? the way things work out sometimes takes a measure or two of a humor i cannot find even when i scour deep within. so i found this image that i wanted to share with you all that details a secret someone has. it seems like such a hard secret to keep and try to be authentic with people about.

this week, i learned a friend who is very young will be conceiving a child and that my young cousin who wants to conceive a child may never be able to. this kind of timing almost requires the sound of drumsticks doing a "baddum-ch" beat afterwards, cueing the punchline. but there's not much here to find funny. i could choose to be optimistic and see that the child will be born into this world, but on the opposite side i see that this friend will never have a "twenties" experience. i could see that if my cousin's only remaining ovary has to be taken out, it will stop the cancer from ever coming back, but then i look at her and her husband and would very much enjoy seeing what their x's and y's would bring about in the shape of a little person.

kooky world. please pray for my cousin that the growth found in her ovary is not cancerous- that it hasn't returned, that the ovary might be salvaged, that she might live to the ripe and feisty age of 87... and pray for my friend as she walks in this new decision to become a young mother- something my first roommate in college decided also to do. and maybe even for this woman that she might find people she can come clean with about her lack of faith and that they wouldn't judge her but they would listen and allow her to start being able to be herself and be loved as such, since the God she doesn't believe in still loves her and knows her intimately.


Anonymous Olga said...

AZ, what a picture that is - left me speechless. Well, in fact, the whole entry left me thusly, and I even am 'aware' of things, as the case may be. I will be praying for your cousin. Keep me posted.

12:55 AM  
Blogger adam said...

wow. it leaves this uncomfortable weighty feeling inside. my prayers are being lifted up as well.

4:42 PM  

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