Thursday, October 06, 2005

a little thing called courage + a big, long list

can you imagine what life would be like if we had every ounce of courage possibly afforded to us?

it's amazing what would change, for starters:
-- you could see injustice and call it injustice without worrying who has been offended
-- you could take big risks since the thought of failure would be several blocks away
-- you could accomplish what you never would have conceived possible
-- you could buy foie gras in a restaurant and savor it bite by bite
-- you could buy a fur coat at neiman marcus and not be scared of the "neiman carcass" people lingering outside waiting to jump your bones
-- you could love people openly and genuinely without thought of repercussion
-- you could talk to the cute guy who seems kind of brooding, though perhaps it's that he is dehydrated and unmoisturized. hmm.
-- you could take big strides instead of putting off life goals by taking baby steps
-- you could wear fishnet hose and a killer fuchsia dress and not think people might think you're a hooker
-- you could not like people and not feel bad since loving people and liking them are different
-- i could drive my car and not tighten up every time i hear a noise
-- i could dream of beaches and twirling and laughter and not think it naive or outlandish that it could be that easy
-- i could not be scared of what may lay ahead if i exchanged an old haggard identity for a new one
-- i could allow myself moments of sentimentality without getting disgusted by it
-- i could move overseas without the lingering thought that had i just stayed a while longer, i might have a.) met him b.) cashed out
-- i could laugh in the face of danger
-- i could see you and not project onto you how i think you should be
-- i could settle down and not be so stinking restless. (even typing that brings a shudder).

is there anything that comes to mind for you, dear reader, that you think might change, if you had within you, all the courage in the world?


Blogger katy said...

If I had all the courage in the world I would:

-Tell the people I hold dear more often that I love them

-Leave everything behind, move to Europe and live "la vie boheme"

-Go bungee jumping

-Completely, absolutely, place every last inch of my confidence in God...instead of the measly "O ye of little faith" amount that I feel like I do . . .

12:19 AM  

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