Monday, October 31, 2005

rock my world

quite literally, today my world got r*cked.

in my inbox sat an email from mr. d'addario himself inquiring about the firm that designed our packaging. it was great. there he is in an email explaining what his company does for a living and i'm like "DUH!!" in my email response to him i underscored that i only recommend and use their custom lights on my acoustic.
so as a perk he's sending me "samples" for "all my trouble."

since i have his ear for the moment i thought i would dig deeply and see what emerges, and asked him to recommend a good guitar for someone starting out (mainly because i was curious as to how he would answer this... he hasn't yet).

work sometimes isn't work. or i guess it just sometimes has great kickback benefits.
like meeting mr. rock and roll through email.


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