Tuesday, December 13, 2005

a life abundant

my birthday this year became more of an extravaganza which ended with my best friend and i seeing "the chronicles of narnia" movie and then walking the short distance to union square to sing christmas carols.

i had several epiphany moments while watching the movie that threaded over into some epiphanal thoughts derived from a worship night a few weeks ago. these epiphanies come quickly and are merely glimpses into a truer reality to add hue and tone to this reality. i am aware that i am like edmund, trading in the whole world for mere trifles, akin to turkish delight, temporal somethings. and here comes the crux of my big aha today:

it's that we (myself included) live as if this is all there is.

so we amass all this treasure and accomplishment here on earth as if it will stand the test of time, as if it will pass through the fire into the afterworld unscathed. along with this most of us live in debt to have things which can be easily burned, stolen, broken, or made void. and two pieces of truth come into mind. one admonishes us to store up our treasures in heaven where moth and rust cannot destroy them. the other talks about forfeiting or giving up your soul to gain the world, which is aging. if you and i believe there is more to come, your life and mine will be richly etched to live life differently than if we believe this is it, kind of like eating a magnificent meal and being assured of an equally magnificent dessert to come, such as a scharffen berger chocolate pot de creme- you and i would save room in our stomachs for that, right?

and yet we lust. our eyes crave. we even sometimes (or not so sometimes) covet and start the wicked cycle of hoarding and collecting items and accolades, buying into the packaged truth sold to us that this is all there is, this is all we can be certain of.

a quick jaunt in narnia, through the eyes of children helps right this. and for a moment the path covered in lush foliage and flowers leading to the life abundant becomes evident to my naked eye. and i sing christmas songs in response- telling the world, i do believe there is more than this. that i once was lost but now am found, was blind but now i see.


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