Thursday, December 29, 2005


there is a dear sweet woman at work who is the kind of woman you want to hug. when she smiles it could seem like all is well and radiates warmth. however she persistently talks in babytalk. and the rare moments when she is not talking in babytalk i find myself preferring the timbre of her voice- its richness. but then, as always, she proceeds uttering words in an upper caricaturistic range, and i wonder:

-what first prompted her to speak in babytalk?
-when did it cross over from babies and puppy dogs to the everyday vernacular?
-does she know her voice makes these changes?
-what would her life be like if the babytalk had been penned at an early age?

perhaps she would have been a disc jockey or anchorwoman- she has quite the warm demeanor and personable nature down. but instead, i hug her and pet her shih tzu, casey's head before heading back to my desk.


Blogger katy said...

aww..does wit-tle az not wike when we talks wike dis? my wittle snookums.

ack. gag me with the babyfood spoon, already :P

9:40 PM  

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