Monday, April 04, 2005

afro funk frenzy

saturday night my roommate natalie and my friend kenny and i went to see this afro-funk band play at the "boom boom room." what a great venue! i can't believe i've never gone there before.

we walked into this dimly lit room where a haze settled above the tops of people's heads in the red light. from the back of the room, i could make out some great blues rhythms and caught sight of a dance floor! we moseyed to the back and when the band finished playing, dj jeremiah spun some west african tunes that totally reminded me of a latin american vibe. we danced and got sweaty and had so much fun.

the actual band we had gone to see were a little kooky- not my vibe at all. the lead "singer" chanted words in another language and came out wearing a purple mask lined with glitter, around her/his eyes. her/his hands reached toward the audience and the only word i could actually understand amid all the chanting and grunting was "san francisco." i turned to natalie who also had a mystified look on her face, and said, "i think we've all just been cursed."

we laughed.


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