Saturday, March 12, 2005

me: surrogate mom, part deux

it's now saturday.

during the week, no major fires to report. well the eldest daughter did spend the night out two nights in a row, without letting me know where she was and having her phone turned off. i'm not happy about this at all. but we have had three conversations about her need to tell me where she is and it goes in one ear and out the other. i ended up talking to both my mom and my dad about the situation to get their read on how to handle it- it's that sticky.

today i had the sneaking suspicion she didn't come back inside last night when she said she had to "grab something from her car and would be back in a minute." i was in my bed about to turn off the light and hoping she truly was going to her car and wasn't trying to pull a fast one on me. but this morning, my suspicions were confirmed when we checked her room and found it empty... so we called her tia maria in l.a., just to let another family member know what was going down.

the younger one and nancy and i ate a scrumptious brunch of burned pancakes (oops), cantaloupe, chicken apple sausage and eggs with chocolate milk. we then did our own chores around the house and then set out for the Marina, so i could get my car washed at no charge. we walked around book stores and into the gap, killing time until the car was done. later we drove to see the movie "hitch" which has a much better plot than i would have imagined, and we laughed throughout the movie.

when we returned home this evening, there was no sign the eldest daughter had been at the house. that sucks. and i really hope she comes home tomorrow and that she is okay. i don't want to call the cops and have to file a report...


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