Thursday, February 03, 2005

long live red february

on the way to work this morning, i got pulled over by a cop on a motorcycle.
of course, the first thing out of my mouth to chet, my carpool passenger was,

"but it's not january anymore!" to which he shook his head, agreed and apologized.

the copper came over and asked about my registration tag, which is still the blue 2004 sticker.
i told him it was in the trunk and he smiled incredulously and asked me to get it, but to be careful with the traffic whizzing by. i pulled it out of the trunk with a "ta-da" like flourish and explained i haven't had time to clean the other ones off. he suggested i do that at work today and let me go.

i feel kind of invincible now that it's february. not that i'm going to test the boundaries of this newfound lot in life. but cheers to red february!


Blogger katy said...

DUDE! It's a good thing it's Red

10:28 AM  

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