Monday, January 10, 2005

med-head thoughts

over the past week, i lay in bed sequestered from most of the world with a bad bout of a cold. i've never been a great patient or very patient for that matter... but this week i learned several things:
- drink lots of water when consuming tylenol cold
- when you're congested eat spicy food
- wash hands often
- if you stare at a pink cloud long enough it can start looking like a motorcycle
- it's no fun getting wet when you're sick
- ants like to stay dry too
- they provided a good impetus for me to clean out my cupboard
- the movie "what lies beneath" was killer (no pun intended)
- i can see why "the stepford wives" tanked
- "garden state" is a lovely film
- keep a mug of hot lemony, honey herbal goodness by the bed
- dressing in wacky clothing ensembles actually can make you feel better
- it's no good tinkering with a new computer when med-head is in effect
- ditto for working
- i am down to 1/2 day, sick time left for the entire year
- you read more when you don't feel like talking


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