Friday, December 03, 2004

weird dream

i dreamt last night that i was about to go on a voyage of goodwill, where we would go help out in an impoverished country and we were in the process of debriefing when it hit me that my suitcase was empty- i had forgotten to pack a lick of clothing or toiletries! to my dismay, the only outfit i had with me was the one i was wearing, culottes and a flowy blouse (ew). my cousin erika was going to my roommate on the ship taking us to our location but she was busy listening to the speaker and filing her nails. i looked in the general direction of my mom for help and at first she agreed to go get some clothing from the house. but then she stopped and settled back into her chair as if she had just encountered some sort of remorse or a different course of action and told me that i would just have to learn from this lesson. i mouthed over to her that that was pretty crappy and got out of my seat to go negotiate with her. she finally agreed to take me to ross. except the ross we went to was very bizarro- hardly any clothing and a lot of fishing equipment and furniture pieces. what i ended up finding clothing-wise were silk camisoles and t-shirts obviously intended to be super-form fitting. not many choices, but thankfully mom had an extra pair of flip-flops in her car...

as we drove hurriedly back to the debriefing center, we knew we were running super-late and heard honking from across the street. the team was headed in the opposite direction and we were stuck in bumper to bumper traffic.

then i woke up. what could it mean? i almost think it means there is something in my life that i am not prepared for. maybe i've missed the boat somewhere. what do you think?


Blogger End_User-X said...

Sounds like God is speaking to you about preparing for something. Maybe missions? Do you feel called to the mission field overseas somewhere? You may be headed in the opposite direction you need to be (team headed in the other direction). This isn't a literal interpretation of the dream or anything, but something to think and pray about.

7:20 AM  

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