Monday, December 13, 2004

virtual ipod birthday bash recap

so i must have had one of the best birthday parties ever last friday night.

the theme was virtual ipod and i challenged everyone to make a mixed cd of the songs they feel best represent who they are. tricky and fun all at the same time. people really got into it- everything from not being able to stop at one cd, but making three, as well as clever packaging with progressive artwork. we played a super-fun songwriting game where everyone contributed a line to various songs being written that had us rolling with laughter. we had crazy music themes for our songwriting pages- everything from angry girl music to boy band, from opera to heavy metal. perhaps i shall post a few of the best collaborations (there were around 18 of us collaborating on each song) in blogs to come. we then later played a name that tune game, played by ruben on his guitar. it was really hard core. we had to guess the artist, album, year of release, and title. really hard. but fun. friends came and went throughout the evening and then we shut the doors at 2 a.m. (well those still left either crashed on the couch- me or headed home- kenny, michelle, adam, mad, and tyler). what a good evening. this was definitely a year of feast in terms of the love i got on my birthday. i love being loved. and i love watching random people connect and become friends or reconnect with old ones. what a fun party.


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