Tuesday, January 25, 2005

bad car-ma strikes again!

except this time i'm on the freeway, 101, heading north to work, listening to this beautiful song, picking out the harmonies. out of nowhere i hear this sound, akin to the sound emitting from
the video game "asteroids"


eyes wide, i eyed the acura integra next to me thinking it must be that car. but as i slowed down, the noise stuck around, even as i saw the integra speed away. i pulled over into a parking lot to survey what i had a sneaking suspicion was the problem.

sure enough, my mud flap or more specifically my splash guard had wrestled free again and was making contact with my tire. the splash guard was shredded at the bottom. ick. i hate this. the same thing happened several months ago and i got it fixed, but somehow it broke away from the bumper. so tomorrow i will be dropping by my autobody shop to get the splash guard replaced.

black january strikes again. and my car-ma remains bad. thank God february is right around the corner.


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