Wednesday, February 02, 2005

a thought about blessings and curses

i was thinking earlier about blessings and curses. not in the christianese/witchy sense of the words. i decided i would begin to use a new phrase

"i will count my blessings instead of counting my curses."

which may sound kind of funky coming from a cynic. but i think my cynicism was a learned or acquired mindset, not something inherent. counting blessings does not involve looking at the bright side of things for the sake of being positive, but instead actually seeing all the great things in existence, like the hummingbird hovering over a fir tree on the way home- things like that.

webster's defines "blessing" as: to confer well-being or prosperity on; to invoke divine favor upon.

the last definition makes me want to be a blesser to other people- how cool would that be to "invoke divine favor upon" all the myriad people in our lives?

it's so easy for me sometimes to see the things that need correction or the mauvais things happening in my life- case in point: black january. but then again, we are now in red february and all that that color entails. i've decided it could also be fun to associate a color with each month this year. but i digress...

so i would invite you on a journey of seeing yourself as one who has been conferred upon with prosperity and well-being, which then will be released in the form of invoking divine favor upon the people in your life or just in your path on the sidewalk. cheers.


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