Thursday, February 03, 2005

sea urchin custard & conversations

tonight i went to this important networking reception for work to hob-nob with some reporters from top magazines. so of course i got all spruced up- can't remember the last time i wore my suit and heels combo. what a blast! i enjoyed chatting with all the women there, flown in to explore a "woman traveler" program being implemented by the hotel. these women had accomplished quite a bit, but you'd never know with their friendly bantering and candor.

hors d'oeuvres consisted of interesting things like sea urchin custard (quite the rage in some parts of the world, i am sure); serrano ham with port-wine gelee on brioche toast, among other interesting bites being served off of silver platters.

i talked to one woman who had worked at cnn for a while and then got her masters in liturgy. we connected on the point of my random masters in theology link to my now-marketing job. there was such good energy in the room.

the last woman i connected with in the evening was joi. she started a non-profit called "Dress for Success". they provide women trying to re-enter the workplace with a suit and the right tools to succeed by building up their sense of self-worth (these are often women out of jail or hard conditions), as well as encouraging healthy decision-making. i was v. moved by her explanation of the non-profit. frankly it's something i can see myself doing. my mom raised me as a single mom and taught me how to fight and persevere. she and i both now feel like we should encourage others to see their potential. what a good evening. check out the link for DFS (under the links section).


Anonymous Anonymous said...

mary nan is so proud of you.
stick up your chin. grin.

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