Tuesday, March 08, 2005

me: surrogate mom

so i am spending two weeks taking care of alexis and ashley- two girls who are very dear to me. one is age 14 and the other 18. alexis' friend nancy is also staying with us most nights.

it's funny because i have a household to consider: a cat, a dog, three kids. life as i know it has been suspended in time. and i am learning to think outside the box, outside myself and see their needs. such are the challenges that face being even a surrogate parent.

i had a very fun time yesterday walking to haight street with one of the girls and eating ice cream cones before we came home to make a dinner out of asian chicken salad and watch "a cinderella story." the other girl and i ended up having to have "a chat." to be honest, i haven't had to wield that kind of authority since my RA days. and i thought we understood each other. but here it is tuesday and she made dinner for all of us, set the table and even expressed that she had been thinking about what i'd said last night and wanted to follow the guidelines. yet, i (we) have a sneaking suspicion that she has lied again. not fun. but it has been expressed that i am not to police her- she is older after all and will make decisions as she will... we'll see how this plays out.


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