Monday, March 21, 2005

wild and woolly

i finished my stint as surrogate mom last thursday and headed down to so-cal for a tradeshow in the natural/organic food realm. what a fun weekend of work! people akin to gypsies rubbed shoulders with hippies, all overtly friendly and very intrigued and into their health and all things paraben-free and organic. vitamin vendors positioned rows away from vegan corndogs gave much to experience. of course there was a booth that would photograph your aura and a chocolate company having some sort of shaman connection, but on the whole most of what we encountered was specialty food and skincare-related (they had a face mask made of pureed peas, which is great for dry skin i hear). how is it that the guys at all the mate booths (argentine herbal infusions) were all hot- it always seemed like a party was going on at the guayaki booth.

my friend sandra came down to walk the show and hang out saturday, and amy came up sunday to walk the show, barter and help me tear down the booth. we later went out with dan and robert for cheap, greasy chinese food- the only thing open so late (so much for keeping what goes into my mouth organic). i can see why people really invest in this way of life because it is. what a fun weekend, where i made out like a bandit orchestrating bartering sessions any rainbow gathering participant could appreciate. and i think they liked my patchouli oil smell...


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