Saturday, February 04, 2006

dance dance revolution

will ferrell teaches our dance class at the gym.

okay so it's not really will ferrell, but he looks like a spitting image of him. this morning he announced to us that he may or may not add in "blue 247" which was a segment of dance involving hip gyrations, pivoting and flailing arms. so very zoolander. i kept waiting for him to break into a frozen face of blue steel.

one of the best moves that makes me giggle is the helicopter where you get "crazy arms" that swoop up and down as you turn and then do a touch-touch with your feet. today he was amped up, probably on acai. when it was time for weight lifting to a song about a gangsta in jail, i cracked a smile as his face contorted into very focused and pained moments. on then, to crunches- he never deviates from his recorded soundtrack- and the background music as we are pushing our bodies up and squeezing our abs is a lovely ditty called "sex trade." life sometimes is too amusing, especially considering i woke up this morning humming "sex trade..." good times.


Blogger Sandra said...

That's funny. I'd love to see this guy in action...

7:55 PM  
Blogger katy said...

"welcome to the sex traaaade" lolll

great. it's now stuck in my head.

"amped up on acai" ... hahahahah. TOO TRUE!!!

2:24 PM  

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