Monday, January 30, 2006

where black januarys go to die

oh yes, loyal reader it has almost come to this.

drumroll: tomorrow is the last day of january and i have not gotten one ticket!

thus the curse of black january is no more (otherwise i see a "pirates of the caribbean 3 around the bend and they're usually worse than sequels).

anywho. how glad i am that not only have i not had any run-ins with the law over a little something like my pedal-friendly right foot, but there have also been no warranted visits to lovely john and jane at my autobody shop. and alas, i did lose my "california good driver status" because of black january, february and march last year, but hey it only takes FIVE years to get it back. do you notice the tongue inserted into my cheek on that one?

so a prognosis of current resolutions is in order since the end of the month is upon us (for a key to the resolutions, scroll down below to the randomly named "new year's resolutions"

resolution 1: am looking into it. not signed up yet.
resolution 2: am playing doubles weekly. an elderly russian man named fareed is my partner-cum-teacher, who breaks into fits of curious laughter at inopportune moments during our games.i think they may be directed toward me.
resolution 3: oh yes, they think i am now the model daughter (as if they ever would have thought differently... *she says with a wicked grin on her angelic face*)
resolution 4: am doing this and loving getting back into encouraging people in a more active way again. i just have to sit down and do it, which is sometimes the hardest thing for me in general.
resolution 5: everyday i'm trying. and some days are better than others, but it's like tennis, sometimes you can't hit anything but that doesn't mean tomorrow you won't reach matchpoint.
resolution 6: nothing done on this front, other than furrowing of brow.
resolution 7: i need help with this! any takers?
resolution 8: CLEARLY this one is not working either, as evidenced in the phrase of local hoodlum last friday night in oakland: "hey shortie, work it."

well several out of eight isn't so bad, right?


Blogger Andrea said...

how do you get to be the darling of the hoodlums ?? and if you send me the raw HTML of your site (yes, i know it's blogger, eh) i MIGHT be able to help with your links.... you can reach me at anything @ trilia dot net :)

8:54 AM  
Blogger katy said...

I'm assuming you're safely at home, and that your car is parked - legally - and shall remain so for the next two hours, in which case you will have successfully survived January 2006 sans tickets from SF and Marin's finest. :) congrats

9:58 PM  

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