Monday, July 24, 2006

shout outs

we walked 20 miles saturday evening/sunday early morning. it took about 8 hours and boy were my feet pooped, one with a bit of a blister that slowed me down but didn't stop me. the crew that walked consisted of pam, darren and keoke, all friends of todd's. we each carried an olan mills photo of todd for part of the walk. i liked to think of it as if we were carrying todd. even in death, we carry him physically in our hearts and at this juncture got involved in carrying the bit of him we still had.
it was a meaningful evening, full of intense and challenging discourse along the route. we walked through the presidio-the richmond-pacific heights-north beach-chinatown-financial district-the embarcadero-fisherman's wharf-crissy field.

the evening was cool and clear. we walked among 1200 other people who had lost a friend / mom / dad / son / daughter to suicide. we all looked so different and yet that one thing was the same for each of us. i loved that we walked what was close to a marathon and not everyone was skinny- it shows that strength takes on different forms. we finished our walk by writing a thought on a paper bag to the person for whom we made the night-long expedition and then lined them up along a path- a luminaria of well wishes, regrets and remembrance. i walked silently, paying homage and reading messages on the way, my eyes damp and my heart again heavy. but my tired feet walked on, in a strength that could be descibed as my own.


if you want to find out more about the road to the "out of the darkness" walk preparation and summary, click on the link to darren's page. i will also post a pictoral journey of the walk momentarily.

thanks go out to the following people:

MAI-MAI & TIFFANY-- thanks for your time and patience in walking with me as i trained.

JULIA-- thanks for letting me borrow your camelbak during the walk!

KATY-- all around support

FINANCIAL SUPPORTERS-- thanks for helping me raise $1770 for depression and suicide prevention. it was exciting to be able to do something about and contribute to such a needed cause.

PRAYER SUPPORTERS-- i know there were people praying. i could feel it as we walked and in the conversations we had with people during the walk.


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