Tuesday, July 11, 2006

dumpster diving for brie

i spent the weekend working a food show in new york. across from our booth sat a smorgasbord of cheeses- 1000 to be exact. we sampled their pt. reyes blue and various others whose names have been long forgotten. the last day of the show during tear down most of the cheeses were tossed around like fish in pike's market, but into the dumpster. there were grown italian men discussing in their native tongue the injustice of throwing out such good cheeses- you could tell they were contemplating going in for a look-see, but changed their minds and kept walking.

new york has an undescribable verve. i love the sensation that there is something new to be discovered just around the corner. this trip, i walked a lot to try to keep pace with my 20 mile walk training so far. upon leaving an AMAZING vegan food restaurant in the upper east side, i continued down madison ave. and stumbled upon a pet store. meandering inside, along one wall a row of plastic boxes encased puppies. i passed a forlorn pug with a cute mole that did its best doe eyes toward me and as i got to the end of the row, it shouldn't have been surprising that the dog in the last box was a french bulldog. she was a brindle and "on sale" for $1200... souvenirs consist of t-shirts and shot glasses, not dogs.

i wandered back to my hotel room looking down over times square, so lit up that upon entry, i need not turn on any lights to find my way.


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