Friday, July 07, 2006

the scene to and in indianapolis

i sat next to a guy who trains first responders on how to deal with nuclear situations. you can imagine how i swallowed all of this on three hours of sleep- part-wanting-to-engage-and-ask-burning questions and the other part-tiiired.

he had this beautiful face which showed off his heritage proudly- the strong nose and cheekbones of the choctaw indian, the tight white curls of the african-american. he was full of mirth and conversation so i nodded in his direction, eye mask perched on my crown. did you know that the exit signs are radioactive? he explained that they needed to be able to stay on if all the power went out. also the soil around the land in which nicotine is grown is also radioactive. we talked about disaster relief training and how most people don't want to think about disaster and thus don't train themselves to be prepared(i think this goes back to the not wanting to deal with their own mortality.)he suggested taking the FREE courses on the homeland security website. a very good suggestion.

the indianapolis airport is a bore. it's got four gates in the northwest section and like four restaurants- but they do have kolaches and a piping hot ham and cheese kolache scores pretty high in my book.

i sat next to this man jim twice- mainly because he always seemed to sit right next to the plug. we talked about venture capitalism and the stock market destined to plunge later this year- and even how the ebb and flow of the stock market is a model for life- rarely stagnant with ebbs and flows.

he said something i appreciated- "fade out the crowd," which means that when everyone is doing/clamoring for one thing to do what feels right inside and go with the opposite if that's it. a contrarian after my own heart.

and soon, will be on my way to laguardia with four hours sleep under my belt.


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