Thursday, June 29, 2006

a comparison

today i got my hair cut. and as i sat waiting to meet my new stylist it occurred to me that this was like going on a first date... hmm.

he showed up, " hi, i'm david, are you annelies?"

okay let the games begin. i went in with clear expectations of how the end result would turn out. little did i know that he would wax philosophic about my hair. after i finished describing the look i wanted, he paused in silence and stood thoughtfully. then he proceeded to tell me he could do the cut, but considering my face shape it wouldn't be best- perhaps a rounded graduated cut instead? clearly, i enunciated that i wanted sideswept bangs. i am usually not a wallflower about stating what i think about something and being in the hair salon's chair, i wasn't going to go wallflower now.

he called over his superior as a "consultation." she quickly and curtly explained that bangs would look dated, very "grandmotherly" (when was the last time you saw a grandma with bangs?) and made a face. she then sneered in saying that the print-out of photos showed hairstyles that were all wrong, that were good only because of the face attached to them. i sat there, seething, fingers interlaced and tapping against each other. argh. (the thought of getting out of the chair crossed my mind. but stay i did).

and so this was the fun, rocky start of our "first run." i did the obligatory chatting about banal things- number of siblings, hometown, degree, hobbies- and tried to laugh and keep it light, counting the minutes. unfortunately he kept having problems getting the same length on the left side as the right. i waited, cringing inside, considering lopping it all off elsewhere if i hated it.

the end of a first date or in this case a first haircut can be rather awkward. i always feel it necessary to emphatically agree that "i like my hair" out loud so the stylist in question will feel good that i'm happy. and usually that day doesn't come until a few weeks later when i've grown into it. but i took his businesscard, smiled and said "i'll be in touch." we'll see about that, no need to be rude.

my favorite hairstylist- the one i trust the most now lives in another state and i'm considering if southwest airlines has specials for haircuts. not sure.


Blogger Sandra said...

Sad. I guess you're not happy with the final result?

2:39 PM  

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