Wednesday, June 28, 2006

my new street moniker

i was dubbed "pepper" tonight by my friend mike at the homeless dinner. he said he's going to start calling me this because i'm "fiery, temperamental, but you can't help but love her." and thus he kept saying this to people who would walk by our table. i've been given numerous names throughout the years. my most prevalent one that even my boss falls back on is "az."

it's good to have mike back in my life again. i miss our talks. today's was brief but i mentioned that i've been thinking a lot about st. francis of assisi and had this urge to purge in big ways. he told me that st. francis is one of the few christians he admires/digs. which is huge since moments before he had mentioned he just bought a new mini-hindu temple for his digs complete with vishnu and shiva idols.

he's tapping into his inner ravi shankar. i kid and yet who knows what has brought on this recent foray into the religious side of hinduism.

we studied psalm 51 tonight in our "second helping" bible study which was so full of new faces. what does it look like to realize that really you are king and yet you have slept with another man's wife, gotten her pregnant, and then through manuevers, had her husband killed? this psalm/ poem really cuts to the quick on this issue. and my favorite line or the one that speaks most keenly to me "let the bones you have crushed rejoice." yes, let them sing on.


Blogger Mindy B said...

Although I think "Pepper" is a perfect fit for you... you will still always and forever be my little cabbage

11:06 PM  

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