Saturday, June 03, 2006

decadent day

the mission: to walk 6 miles. (in a future blog i will explain my new obsession-cum-preparation of walking).

the plan: meet michelle and walk to the ferry building in the embarcadero.

the route: from my house through the presidio, then crissy field and the marina, hitting fisherman's wharf, lastly encountering the ferry building.

some highlights of the 6 miles-turned-8 miles walk:
-- wild blackberries growing along the edge of a truly wooded area in the city of san francisco.

-- a guy approached us at crissy field offering us free leashes (even after we both explained we didn't have dogs).

-- encountering a route by fort mason that transported me back to monaco and the postcard-picturesque quality of the road, the placid turquoise water below.

-- passing the starting line for the "escape from alcatraz" triathlon.

-- a brick and tile competition in fisherman's wharf, where craftsmen created tile chessboards or brick grills for the win.

-- saluting the "bush man" who seemed to be coming off a break with a hearty word of gratitude that he was still "doing his thing."

-- poetry etched into brass plaques on the ground en route to the embarcadero.

-- organic summer fruits like peaches and berries, ripe to be sold by the farmers who had brought them to the farmers' market; beefsteak tomatoes for grilling later in the night. yum!

-- sitting in a park licking away at the dribbles of valrhona chocolate gelato on my cone, while talking to good friend michelle as we bask in the balmy breeze and sunshine so atypical to a usual san francisco summer.

-- this evening, we watch the movie "mrs. doubtfire" on a large blow-up screen in washington square park with a hundred other neighbors/strangers, all laughing at key moments, all applauding when our beautiful city takes center stage in the movie.

a truly decadent day.


Blogger Tarimisu said...

Awww . . . makes me so jealous. I am melting down here in Texas, and the only melting you're experiencing is as you enjoy a special treat in the park. I miss the lovely city. I miss everything. Do you remember me? I was Amy Brewer back when I knew you! You're fun and I miss you. I also have a myspace, so add me to your friends!!!!

1:34 PM  

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