Wednesday, May 03, 2006

little bites

earlier this year, january 1st to be exact, i resolved to do several things and it occurred to me that i am going to approach this in a cupcake fashion instead of a whole triple layer cake slice sort of way. So in May, these are my frosting, cake and foil wrapper:

-- i resolve to call my parents at least once a week (which i really have become better at doing)

-- i resolve to write more letters (i have begun pulling away into the recesses of my room and actually putting pen to paper. i smile thinking about a note being tucked away in a mailbox amid bills- a veritable gem among rocks. it's been great, really.)

-- i resolve to start putting myself out there- in terms of seeking to be published.
(i now have sought out the guidance of my poetry prof. from college and he provided some fab. pointers; not to mention after he read the one poem i had on-hand, he said he thought i would be a good fit with some of the mfa programs he had mentioned to me, which really is the highest compliment he could have paid.)

-- as far as my last resolution, i don't know if it's possible for me to do it on my own, other than recognizing that every demographic needs a darling and clearly i am not being successful in my attempts of dissuasion. (the resolution in question-- i resolve to not be the darling of thugs, hoodlums, drug dealers and the homeless.)

three out of four isn't bad.


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