Wednesday, May 10, 2006

a blur amid a funk of words

whew, what a night! our little group aptly named "second helping" that meets after the homeless dinner consisted tonight of an intimate eight of us. i don't know what was in the meatballs to cause the kind of weird energy brewing in that space. in the course of 10 minutes loretta had made joe feel insulted by reading his t-shirt out loud, which had a great slogan "antiporn hero" to the point that he literally took it off and put it back on inside out.

fast forward- we find out that joe's roommate is in the hospital and he's just really worried about her especially since she's not able to take her psych meds while there. then daniel chimes in that doctors basically don't give a rip about drug addicts. i thought joe was going to leap out of his chair swinging. yipes. then again, daniel was the voice of doom in the group tonight and thankfully not the voice of a prophet, otherwise, i would have TMJ and mariah's sister-in-law and baby in utero would be toast. a little thing i like to call tact seemed lacking, but then again...

we prayed over joe and sang songs to God with verve. a reading of psalm 42 followed by a grand dissection of what stood out to each of us. and here's mine: "as deep calls to deep," followed below by a quick poem crafted during a subsequent period of silence.

deep calls out to deep,
my soul uttering silent groans
you are
ever before me yet
ever invisible- if i reach out
to touch you my hands grasp
pockets of air, but moments
walking down the street, the air is
thick and scented as if with the smoke and curl
of incense, the sacred and the mundane
coexisting, intermingling,
the sacred breathing wisps of life
on the created ones, strengthening and encircling
the half-alive with vibrance, aware
of something more
than just that which is tangible,
deep calling out to a deep more real
than what my paltry hands can attempt to grasp.


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