Wednesday, July 19, 2006

a fiend for projects

as i've gotten older my love of projects has become more pointed. i can see clearly that this would be an attribute from my dad's genes- he always has several irons in the fire. so it comes as no surprise that i am always cruising for the what's next in my life (even while i'm enjoying the right now). some people really enjoy the results, but i enjoy the journey. to the extent that i get mopey when said project is at completion.

my mom liked to tell this story about my grandmother, tita. when tita lived at our house, she complained one day of a terrible storm the night before. my mom laughed and said, "there was no storm, just annelies rearranging her room."

when i get an idea in my head about moving or switching around my room, i tend to become so focused on the idea that it becomes urgent to take action. my mom and i joke that it's my dutch blood coming through- very thorough and methodical.

training for the 20 mile walk on saturday has been a great challenge and fun feat to prepare for. i have met countless people who have shared their plights of a boyfriend, husband, child committing suicide. i think i may be also making a few new friends and i love that. as we walk i feel stronger and try to reverberate that strength on those with whom i walk. i am healing and grateful for it. but i wonder once the walk is over what i will do with the extra time on my hands. i consider the following:

a.) photoshop class
b.) illustrator class
c.) language class

there was an opportunity to host/plan a derek webb concert, but i came to what felt a very grown-up conclusion that i REALLY didn't have the time, as much as i would love to personally help bring him to the city and raise money for a good cause. i have an inkling that my next phase or project will involve a minor exercising of the mind and i open my arms wide to the opportunity. that and an ever growing desire for a chocolate colored wall... but that's a different topic for another day.


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