Monday, April 11, 2005

it was a beautiful day- and evening too

i experienced my first U2 concert last night. over all a good show- no i didn't cry. we had a frat party happening right in front of our seats, but through their body parts i could make out bono's sunglasses, the edge's skullcap. bono sounds as good as ever which makes me wonder how he does it... here are some highlights:
-- a racetrack of neon lights visually creating vertigo in a bright pulsating aqua hue
-- bono telling a story of giving the late pope john paul ii sunglasses
-- bono pulling out the rosary the pope gave him
-- "pride" being sung more loudly by the audience than the band
-- the excitement and enthusiasm of the u2 fans
-- this evidenced in many people actually putting on the tour t-shirts after purchasing them
-- the flags of africa digitally streaming down long strands of balls hanging from the ceiling
-- iris, pulled onstage to dance with bono during "mysterious ways" could shake her bon-bon
-- if i had to be anyone in u2, i would still want to be the edge- he's the man.
-- a message flashed at the end of one of their songs to get people to sign up to end world poverty through text messaging
-- bono had all of us raise our cell phones in the dark- the twinkling blue cell lights impressed
-- he described cell phones as a weapon of communication and commended us to get involved


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