Tuesday, November 09, 2004

two words: betsy glasenaap

i think the whole point of going to my 5 year college reunion was to reunite with betsy.
well not really, but i feel like she and i were shadows throughout the day and a half SMU homecoming extravaganza. some key points about the weekend and visit:
  • if you are driving a luggage cart, don't ram it into a plane
  • they should have a flight for newborns and their virgin flights-- screaming babies = every nanny's joy
  • lack of sleep feels akin to being somewhat sloshed
  • whenever you leave a place it will change and usually in ways that could have impacted you- hello can we say new JOURNALISM DIVISION (we are no longer bastard children!)
  • SMU can win football games (second game won of the year)
  • football actually made sense to me for the first time
  • which then made the game fun
  • SMU is wooing the decisionmakers to give them the Bush library
  • purple makes a great coordinating color- it's the new grey in fact
  • chorizo tastes great in beans
  • buca di beppo makes a fabulous location to meet up with old friends- nothing like a lot of garlic to make everyone really friendly
  • "the incredibles" is such a fun romp
  • texas squirrels have such endearing qualities unlike SF rat-birds
  • my mom is a great woman and fabulous hostess
  • singing a cher song at karaoke does not automatically guarantee people will dance-
  • even if it is the remix version
  • reconnecting with people is super-fun
  • and can challenge the status-quo in my life and theirs
  • smoking in bars/clubs sucks and should be banned globally
  • sometimes the best time is spent in the company of people you cherish doing absolutely nothing
  • the actual five-year reunion reminded me that i am in touch with probably the great majority of people i want to have relationship with in my life-
  • though it's always fun to catch up
  • once an RA, a person is an RA for life
  • RA's have a particular temperament and such a sense of camaraderie when encountering others with that bent (to write people up)
  • young love is sometimes the truest love of all
  • i'm happy about my life path
  • i smiled when i saw the ocean from my window, even if only as a dark mass of water


Blogger katy said...

two more words: big ass bug (well, okay, that's three..but do you remember that crazy bug at the museum? ick...)

2:21 PM  
Blogger katy said...

WOWWWWW!!!! I like the new look! niice.....

6:45 PM  

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