Wednesday, October 13, 2004

don't UPC me

i don't know if anyone has seen minority report. what i have always appreciated about the movie is it documents this great advancement of mankind called "pre-crime"- a veritable thinktank that knows when a crime will be committed and by whom before it happens. no more innocent until proven guilty. this movie finds the glitch with the system and our protagonist seeks to expose it, at the peril of his own life.

the link below reminded me of this fine movie (that was totally underappreciated in my opinion).
here's this great new "advancement" for medicine that of course is being hustled to various critical care units, many scanners being provided at no charge to said units, so as to implement the system more quickly. um, great advancement, but it's still a business hustling its wares. never forget businesses are all about making money just as much as they might believe in their products.

the article details a rice-sized chip that is stuck underneath the skin by a syringe and is much like a upc code, but will have your blood type, medical history, etc... can anyone say great precursor to a plot of a movie? now maybe i'm skeptical and undesirous of the government taking away my right to privacy (true) or maybe i am the child of a born conspiracy-theorist- politically-active mother (also true). i can just see it now, it starts out as a benevolent service helping the sector of medicine that the government can then later use for their own purposes. maybe they slip in that you are schizophrenic or prone to heart problems and then knock you off because you have unearthed their glitch with the system for which they have been a strong proponent. farfetched for real life perhaps, but not for hollywood. then again it's probably already been done. (read robin cook's "coma"- except instead of the gvmt. it's a biz.)

i sincerely hope this little chip is an optional-will-ask-patient-for-permission-prior-to-insertion kind of deal.


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