Sunday, October 10, 2004

donnie darko

we watched donnie darko tonight. very interesting movie. much too late when i finished watching it to be able to adequately talk through it, so i thought i would make the appeal to you lovely people.

i want to understand what this movie is all about and what people are drawn to, that has made it such a cult film that it was recently re-released. post your thoughts. i'm interested in dialoguing...

i searched google for other viewpoints on this movie and came across this quiz that begs the question- which character are you? take it at: /

as for me, it said i am donnie darko. ooh. i promise i don't see psychopathic bunny rabbits.


Blogger katy said...

wow. so I took the little quiz. I am 'Kitty.' She's the one really really mean teacher, who gets drew barrymore fired and is just totally uber-witchy. I'm not so sure how I feel about that! ack!!

10:56 PM  

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