Wednesday, September 29, 2004

at least it's consistent

tonight at the dinner for the homeless i volunteer at on wednesdays, i met a nice man named stephen. he came in with my friend antonio so i figured they knew each other previously to this evening. antonio walked to get seconds and stephen started talking to me, telling me, "wow, you're really pretty. i mean you're really beautiful."

i'm not great with comments like that and am still learning to take compliments at face value and just say "thanks." antonio was back at this point and i was feeling funky about this crazy lull in the conversation, so i turned it to fruits of the spirit. i think they made the leap with me.

it amazes me that it's always homeless men who hit on me, and i'm not dressing like i live in the ghetto anymore. i remember getting proposed to twice in golden gate park by blue. he was bent down on one knee and asked twice, later saying it was his way of telling me he liked me... i think doing ministry with mostly men is tricky because this comes up, and i wonder if it's because my guard is down with the homeless or perhaps because they're more prone to be straight up (contrary to popular belief they're not all con artists).most of them end up being friends, so that's good. at least, they're consistent.


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