Saturday, September 25, 2004

whole countries

whole countries lie in the wake of your storm.
i could travel the earth and find a reason
to be disenchanted with countries dotting
the landscape like stippling from a seurat painting.

but i am as much to blame.
we are characters, figments coming to life
from a tired julio iglesias song
where we have loved and left whole countries.

i once had the nation of jamaica come together
in the name of love, they came together
and wrestled with God for my heart
to change its mind, change its path and direction
more in favor of one that would be in accordance with
the besotted's. but besotted became betrothed
and betrothed became long gone.

you had a niche within the land of brazil
where reference to this mighty country
pulled to mind images of soccer, the amazon,
you and her.
long over, moved on.
my doppelganger, with eyes green like mine,
but droopy, and a mouth just as sweet.
deep down the word brazil has a very personalized
definition for me: her home, her land, her.

you and i, we have traveling energy in our blood
in our make-up and our ability to assimilate to
the people around. we blend in and move at the
pace of the culture around us.
but where shall we go?
not brazil, not jamaica.
the entire world lies open to us
like a well recommended book
that just doesn't seem to be a good fit right now.

so let us draw away,
and create our own country
where i'll be the captain and you can be my trusty
mate, where we can draw the lines and call the boundaries
into existence, to be respected and adhered to years
down the road, where we will rule with fairness and objectivity.
ours will be the right to citizenship and we choose to be marooned
on this island paradise, left to us to civilize, live, breathe, love.


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