Tuesday, September 21, 2004

my patch of moonlight

moonlight glistens on the gentle motions
of the ocean tonight.
i notice the immensity of the darkness
cresting into a midnight blue hue
finding its solace, its place
of comfort in one patch of lit-up water
as if it could be incandescent.
the world and all of its beauty,
a mystery to behold, to ponder
and realize its vastness; i realize
i don't have all the answers
and sometimes the questions get muddled,
as if in a traffic jam of other words,
less meaningful. stuck and unable to ever make it out
they work their way down into the soft parts
of the body finding their realization there.
i have this minute feeling of failure poring
down on this one patch of my person-
small enough that the rest of me remains unaffected
except for this little circle of light hitting me
uncomfortably, calling me out,
a veritable pebble on a huge field-
but a pebble that seems to bear a lot of weight
for its size and is not so easily sloughed off.


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