Thursday, September 16, 2004

speaking of soccer...

it's as though i woke up one morning and saw, literally rubbed the sleep out of my eyes and laid both brown eyes down on the fact that it is a brand new day. most anything is still possible. so along with dancing, i added soccer to the line up of my extracurricular affairs.

friday nights for the next 9 weeks, a small group of beginners like me, have committed to playing intramural soccer. our team is named after an obscure star wars character TK421.
i always thought i would enjoy soccer. back in high school, my friend jb used to play on the school team. she was good. really good. she made it look so easy. i have always liked the simplicity of soccer. you have a goal. you try to kick the ball into it. no wonder it's so universal. in my mind i understand why it could be construed as the true global language, instead of english...

but anyway, my body is a good shield. it always has been. i expect that if i have kids one day, it will be used to shield them if big things try to attack. i have always been very voracious in protecting in this way. which is why maybe the role of defending the goal suits me well. it definitely allows this aggressive side of me to surface. though i have to remind myself this isn't hockey- we are not supposed to check... but a little body contact never hurt anyone too much.
in this way hearkening back to my tomboy roots... :)

as the game began, my heart was pumping in this jubilous thump-a-thump scratch and my adrenaline was rushing. it felt so good to kick a ball away from the opponent, to get it away from their feet, get it out of the goal vicinity. i walked away, not terribly winded and grinning with my two "war wounds-" a lovely purplish blue circle etched around the top of my knee and a mild discoloration on my wrist. evidence that i had fought the good fight. recognition of being in something bigger than myself. contributing to the greater good. taking one for the team. loving every minute of it.


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