Tuesday, September 28, 2004

hip hop wonder

well aren't i just the hip hop wonder- that is until we get to doing three consecutive turns in a row and then i'm just plain dizzy. i found out tonight that our instructor jose, who is such a doll, is leaving in three weeks. :( he is part of the lion king musical troupe and they will be heading up north. how cool is that? all this time he's a professional! so now i have this hankering to go see him do his craft, he is head of the dance troupe and is one of the killer hyenas. if i was going to be in the lion king, i would totally want to be a hyena because they laugh a lot, especially ed.

part of me really wants to give jose some tea on the last day of class and let him know how much i have appreciated his class. he is a very encouraging and patient instructor. but i don't want to freak him out. any opinions out there?

on a different note, i am meeting with tony on thursday. he's a personal trainer and i get one free shot to ask all the questions about the weight room that i can. that and learn about whey protein. good times.


Blogger katy said...

hey! i like the new look of your blog...very green-tea like. as for giving jose the tea, um, i don't think it would be weird if you just approach him in a really sincere and thankful way.

have fun learning about the proper whey to do weight training ;)

12:04 AM  

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