Saturday, October 02, 2004

terror on the road

i got a flat tire friday morning. granted it was one block away from my office, but i somehow rolled over a spark plug that got lodged into the back right-hand tire. when we exited the vehicle, we heard a loud whoosh of air and ended up watching the tire quickly deflate. bob, my colleague drove me to sears where we proceeded to get all the other tires replaced as well, since it was determined early on they were all bald.

i picked up my car after work and got on 101 headed for my soccer game in south san francisco. at one point along the way i started hearing this staccato sound, akin to sounds reverberating from nintendo videogames. not surprisingly, i pulled over onto the shoulder with visions of a loose tire. a CHP tow truck pulled in soon after i had pulled over. we ascertained that nothing was wrong with the back left tire. back on the road, the staccato noise had returned. i turned my music up louder because i kept thinking to drown out my heart palpitations. i got to the soccer game almost 30 minutes late and saw the mud guard was loose, so i snapped it back into place, proud of my ingenuity and prowess with automobiles.

we won the game and my confidence was back in full swing. on the way home, ne'er was a sound heard except the smooth hum of rubber meeting road and then sccraaaape, sccraaape. i pulled over, snapped the mud guard in place again and noticed that the situation was much more dire. the front panel of the mud guard hung low in front of my front left wheel. in spanish the word for this is peligroso, but i was in the parking lot of a motel- couldn't stay there. so i slowly, begrudgingly got onto 101 north, hazards on and flashing. i had visions of me having to pull over into hunter's point, at twilight, which kept me more determined than ever that i would not be stranded in brisbane or hunter's point. i would make it to monterey street and drive slowly like a buzzard around my honda auto shop, in search of parking.

i ended up parking it at my friend katy's house, which was in closer proximity to the auto shop than my house, but whew- what a night!


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