Monday, October 18, 2004

let the onslaught begin

have i ever mentioned that sometimes when i am doing my morning meditation, if it's particularly cheery, it puts me on alert? call me cynical or call me a realist but it's as if God knows i'm about to experience the onslaught and is giving me a water bottle to chug on before i start climbing the mountain.

today i could have said the serenity prayer umpteen times. i could have gotten angry or frustrated or moody. instead i chose, actively chose to be resigned to these things i cannot change- not knowing why they all came down at once, but knowing i can choose the level of effectiveness they will play in my life. as a feeler on the myers-briggs test, this is not always super-easy. but hey i can't control any of it and the things that i can control, i have to patiently ween myself into the right behavior. as george from seinfeld would say, "serenity now."

as annelies from san francisco would say, "i'm going to samba now. and that will make a world of difference." bless the brazilians and africans.


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