Wednesday, October 13, 2004

a monster cavity

i met a man named gunner* tonight who was hit by a car.

he said he had been on the corner of van ness and market, about to step on the edge of the sidewalk when he got clipped by a car. when gunner got up his head had a gash with blood flowing out pretty steadily. a woman he described as his guardian angel kept him from going home where he wanted to go sleep, and said he probably wouldn't have woken up. he has a plate in his head. hi- this happened sept. 21. all things considered, he's in pretty good shape and in pretty good spirits. he pointed to his ear that had been somewhat severed from his head and a blue-black scar ebbing from his ear lobe to the back on his ear. one of his eyes is kind of lazy and he has problems hearing. wow, he said his left leg is also not quite like it needed to be. his lawyer will be getting a good settlement for him, but at what cost?

then i talked to ronan* for a while. he'd gotten into a fight right before we let people in for dinner. once he was more even-keeled, we chatted for a while about his monster-cavity, the fact that he plays bagpipes and the bass. what a friendly guy.

a good night to be sure.


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